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My question is why is the popcorn is right next to the only person in the room who doesn’t EAT?

I believe it is because Dean made him popcorn in a cognitively dissonant act encompassing both fuck you and your disappearing-not-understanding-my-emotional-vulnerablity-in-that-crypt-not-eating-angel-bullshit and now you’re fucking back and I’m going to take care of you somehow so you don’t leave again you bastard.

And then Dean passively-aggressively plops this down in front of Cas with no explanation, so Cas is just sitting there being like why did Dean give me popcorn and then experimentally eating a few bites to see if that will make Dean stop frowning. But it doesn’t work.

I want to spread this… that popcorn, ya’all, that popcorn.

"these molecules taste like fierce no-bullshit love"